What’s the Best Double Stroller?

Best Double StrollerYou’re a parent on the go who likes to stay active and involve your kids. With two young ones ready to explore you want to be able to show them the world in a hassle free way that’s comfortable for both you and them. One of the best ways to do this is with a double stroller.

Finding the best double stroller can be tough though. There are lots of models and designs out there, each claiming to be the best. We’ve put together this site to give you a helping hand with finding the best double stroller for you and your family and the lifestyle you want to lead.

In preparing these reviews, we looked at over  70 different double strollers available on the market place today. We tested some, read user reviews for all of them and even phoned companies to get additional details not mentioned online. So after all the compliments, complainants and reviews here are your top 3 Double Strollers!

Top 3 Double Strollers

The BOB Revolution SE

BOB Revolution SEThe BOB Revolution SE is one of the best double strollers on the market today, period. It’s a pleasure to drive and we’re told it’s a pleasure to ride in as well! It’s designed for children 8 weeks + and has a carrying capacity of 100 pounds.It’s stacked full of time and stress saving features that you’ll love.

  • The BOB comes with a swivelling front wheel which makes turning effortless it also has the added benefit of allowing you to lock the front wheel if needed for when the terrain gets rough or for the jogging parent
  • With two position shock absorbers, five points padded harness system and a rear wheel brake system in place the BOB ensures your young ones enjoy the ride in complete safety and comfort.
  • A breeze to fold and store. The BOB is made from lightweight but strong Aluminium Alloy and Chromoly and is a simple two step folding process.
  • Multiple colors to choose from.
  • Reclining seats of 70 degrees and multi-position canopies for all weather conditions. Storage is also a breeze four interior pockets, two back seat pockets and a hanging basket below for even more storage.
  • Backed by a five years warranty on the frame and a one year warranty on parts and fabric.
  • It even has a proper name, BOB!

We have no hesitation pointing out the negative aspects of the double strollers that we review or have reviewed for us. But in the case of this one we came up with nothing. BOB gave us no choice but to award it with our covered number one spot.

But seriously don’t just take our word for it, the user reviews for this double stroller are something else. Over 235 people have reviewed BOB of which over 170 gave BOB an amazing review with a 5 star rating. The reviews are very detailed and answer all the little questions that a potential buyer could and should ask before making a purchase.

Optima Tandem Stroller

With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 the Optima takes our second place. Although slightly larger than other double strollers the Optima Double Stroller scores top points for steering and storage space. The Optima has a number of great features

  • Optima weighs 37lbs and has a capacity of 80lbs (40lbs per seat)
  • Comes with six different seating options. children can both face parent, face each other, face forward, back to back, front seat only (& large storage in the back), or use with an infant car seat
  • Infant car seat attachment fits most car seat brands. Additional infant car seat attachment is sold separately
  • Extra-large storage basket
  • Independent reclining seats, child cup holders & sun-rider canopies
  • Steering is a breeze with two 8″ front single swivel wheels and 10″ rear never-flat wheels
  • Four cupholders, 2 for parents and 2 for children
  • Infant head rest
  • Easy-trigger fold
  • Convenient Free-Stand™ allows the stroller to stand upright when folded
  • 5-point safety harness & padded infant head rest and sleeves for comfort

 Joovy Scooter X2

We went with a popular choice to award third place to and it’s the Joovy X2 Double stroller. If you’re after space then the Joovy X2 won’t disappoint as it has more space than any other double stroller we’ve seen. Some other great features are The Joovy X2 weighs 28lbs and has a capacity of 90lb (45lbs per child)

  • The stroller wheels have sealed bearing in order to move it easily
  • Doorways are not a problem with the Joovy measuring 30” wide
  • Comes with a ton of storage space. Features a huge basket, cup holders and 2 zippered pockets
  • Both the seats and the footrest can be adjusted
  • One hand fold
  • The wheels have sealed bearings making it much easier to push

The Joovy X2’s main claim to fame is that it comes with the largest canopy on the market and also the largest storage basket space. Over 135 Parents have given this double stroller 4.6 out of 5, which is right up there and the price is under $200 as well!

Which Is the Best Double Stroller, After All?

Each of the mentioned models incorporates an impressive number of features specially designed to make the ride a pleasant experience for the little ones and their parents, but BOB Revolution SE is definitely our recommendation for you.

The warranty period of 5 years, the wide range of available colors, the minimal maintenance requirements and the impressive number of enthusiastic reviews are only some of the reasons pleading in favor of its acquisition.
There Is No Time to Lose, Now That You Have Found It!

With babies on the way or recently born, you have a lot on your mind, but do not delay the moment of purchasing the double stroller you need. The BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller is the best double stroller money can buy, so get it now and make sure you will spend some quality time outdoors in the company of your little treasures. To read more the Double Stroller Reviews, Click here!

Types of Double Strollers

Companies, websites and salespeople bombard you with a maze of never ending styles, models and makes, but basically it comes down to a choice between two different types, Tandem or Side by Side. One isn’t better than the other, they both work well. They do however have differences, and it’s those small differences that will help you decide the best double stroller for you and your family, so here they are.


The two seats are arranged one behind the other, just like a tandem bike. The back seat is often slightly higher than the front to give a better view and some models allow the front seat to face inwards letting both children see and entertain each other.


one seat behind the other means they are narrower than a side by side double stroller. Great for small doorways, crowded areas and those annoying turnstiles at stores. Storing them in cars and closets is also made easier.

We refer to the “push factor” a lot on this site. The push factor just means how hard they are to push and turn. With Tandem double strollers the push factor is great, the weight is more evenly distributed than a side by side style meaning an easier drive.


Not the best view if you’re the child in the back seat! Also depending on the model your children won’t be able to interact with each other if the front seat doesn’t face inwards, although at times you may think this is a good thing!

While the push factor may be easier with a tandem the stability factor isn’t. Because tandem double strollers have a closer centre of gravity they are not as stable as a side by side double stroller, now I’m not saying they will fall over, I’m just saying that side by side strollers are more stable.

Side by Side double stroller

The two seats are side by side in the traditional style of a double stroller

Pros, It’s a great view for both of your passengers! Aside from the great views both your children can stretch out their legs and most models allow them to recline and nap when the journey takes its toll. The great thing for the driver is that the double stroller is more stable as it has a wider centre of gravity, which makes the side by side double stroller model a great choice for off road adventures, uneven terrain and even jogging with your children.

Cons. Because the seats are side by side they are wider than Tandem double strollers making crowded situations, narrow aisles and doorways slightly tougher to navigate. The push factor is great but can be a little less than great when you have one heavy child on one side and a light child on the other, although a lot of models now come with a single wheel at the front which help offset this.

There are several strollers that have been designed with a special purpose in mind. Their style is either side by side double stroller or tandem stroller.

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