Spring Powered airsoft revolver from TDS sports

Airsoft revolvers are made to look like original revolvers! These replicas are made of robust unbreakable pieces; they shoot one shot at a turn and thus are the most durable. Moreover, there is no compelling reason to bother you with the gas canisters or batteries. Their fundamental usage initially was for recreational purpose. However, these days they have accommodated themselves to be utilized as a reliable training tool due to their secure and eco-friendly nature. The springs utilize the potential energy stored in it to successfully launch an airsoft pellet down the barrel. Over the years, this 6 inch barrel has remained one of the favorites and widely used spring powdered revolvers.

The Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver from TSD Sports is one of the most amazing replica revolvers with features like an original revolver.

Advantages of a spring powdered airsoft revolvers:

  • Can be shot in any circumstances without being dependent on any external wellspring source like batteries and gas
  • Spring powered Airsoft revolvers are less susceptible to water when compared to battery run guns
  • Due to lack of electrical components and mere simplicity, they are quite cheap and affordable than their electrical counterparts
  • They are more powerful than electric models and have the capacity to fire at a velocity of nearly 400-700 ft/s
  • They are resistant to cold when compared to gas and electrical guns.
  • They are promptly accessible in almost all retail shops and due to this availability and simplicity, spring powdered revolvers have a tendency to go about as “training revolvers” to bring new players to Airsoft amusement games.

Specifications of the spring powdered airsoft revolvers:

  • A six-inch barrel
  • Six shells
  • Six cartridges per cylinder
  • 8 single round shells magazine
  • Velocity- 260 feet/second
  • Single shot hammer and single round loading shells
  • A double action revolver whose hammer can be cocked back manually
  • Made of metal parts and provided with Antishock ABS
  • 1:1 real scale design
  • Spare shells: SD + MA937/8
  • Caliber: 6mm BBs or paintball

Manufacturer warranty:

The Airsoft revolver carries 30 days manufacture guarantee which is effective from the date of purchase.

Ultimate choice for airsoft game lovers – the airsoft revolvers:

The TSD sports spring powered Airsoft revolvers are one ultimate choice of any Airsoft game lover. Nearly all Airsoft lovers would have owned a spring powdered Airsoft revolver. Now, be it for any competitive value or replica intentions, these have been the foremost choice of the people all over the world engaged in this game. Built with heavy metal parts and offering an incredibly fast velocity, one cannot miss out this creation by TDS sports.

The revolver weighs just 1 pound and has a dimension of 15 x 3 x 11 inches. The shipping weight is 1.3 pounds and this product is currently available within U.S. Customers have given excellent reviews on this product and being provided at such an affordable rate, no Airsoft lover would want to miss out on this exciting offer. So hurry up and grab the 6 inch barrel airsoft revolver and enjoy the fun of airsoft games!

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