I’m sure anyone who has ever owned or used a scuba mask or snorkel mask knows that they tend to get very foggy. This is very annoying because the very reason you are using the mask is to see underwater and the fog prevents that. But, have you ever wondered why scuba masks fog up?Image result for SCUBA MASK FOG UP

Well, wonder no longer. In this article I will give you a mini-science lesson explaining why scuba diving masks fog up. If you stick around, I will also tell you some strategies to prevent fogging. But, keep in mind that no strategy will completely remove fog.

Ok, so why exactly does fog build up in your scuba mask? Well, first you will need to know a little background information about air. I’m sure you have come across the term humidity in your everyday life. Basically, humidity refers to minuscule particles of water that are in the air. Since your body contains a lot of water, your breath is very humid. Once you put your mask on, you tend to exhale through your nose. This adds more moisture to the air inside the mask.

So now that you know the basics of humidity, it is time to explain what the fog really is. The fog you see inside your scuba diving mask is condensed droplets of water from the air inside the mask. Have you ever noticed that, when you pour cold water into a warm glass, droplets begin to form on the outside of the glass? This happens because the water rapidly cools the glass and the droplets form when the warm air surrounding the glass comes in contact with the cool glass. This same process happens inside your mask. The water outside your mask cools the glass and the warm air inside your mask comes in contact with the glass lenses. This is how fog is formed.

But how does fog actually form? Well, my good sir/madam, fog forms because of something called surface tension. Basically, surface tension is the ability of water molecules to hold themselves tightly together. Think of it this way, one molecule sees another and is all like “Hey, man this glass is pretty damn cold, let’s bunch together to stay warm.” And the other guy responds with “Dude……good idea.” Repeat this step oh, I don’t know, maybe a million times and you got yourself a little speck of fog or a water droplet. While horribly inaccurate, this is basically what surface tension is like.

And that is how fog forms on your scuba mask. So, how do you get rid of it? Well, the most common form of scuba mask defog is simply spitting on the lenses of your mask before you put it on. Your spit forces its way between the bonds the water molecules form and causes them to break. This causes the water molecules to spread out. This eliminates the fog effect and causes large, spread out droplets to form rather than a blanket of fog.

That’s the only method I am going to list in this article. I will be writing another article dedicated to fog preventing methods so stay tuned.

Finding the Right Fitness Trainer for You

Finding a fitness trainer can help you get the most of your work-out sessions. Not only will they be able to provide tips on correct form and which exercises you should be doing to reach your goals, but they will help to prevent you from injuring yourself and can provide a level of motivation that you wouldn’t get while exercising on your own. Finding the right fitness trainer for you can take a bit of shopping around.

Finding a fitness trainer
Many gyms offer access to their own personal trainers, but there are also many personal trainers who do freelance work – they may have a private gym for you to use, or they may be able to help you set up your own home gym. It’s important to find a personal trainer that clicks with your personality, and it’s also important to find one that’s well-educated and has a proper, reputable certification. There are around 500 groups in the United States that offer fitness trainer certification, some of which will certify fitness trainers without any sort of examination process.

You should make sure the fitness trainer has some degree of certification. There are no legal standards for certification of personal trainers – anyone is technically allowed to call themselves a personal trainer. Of the organizations who certify fitness trainers, NSCA and ACSM are usually considered the most reputable. They are the two oldest organizations who educate and certify personal trainers, and are often thought to have the most rigorous examination process.Fitness Trainer

ACSM trainers are a particularly good choice for people with joint problems, as a lot of their training focuses on a rehabilitative perspective, and they will know how to best work around your issues. Most fitness centers won’t hire anyone who doesn’t have some form of certification, so if you’re getting a personal trainer from your gym, you can be assured that they have some level of education in fitness training. A trainer who is well-educated will have a better understanding of how to work with your personal situation without over-training and possibly causing injury.

Another important factor is whether or not your personal trainer’s personality clicks with you. It’s important to have a personal trainer who will push you to work harder while still respecting you. If your trainer seems bored or disinterested, or reminds you more of a drill sergeant than a fitness trainer, you should find a new one. Your fitness trainer should also demonstrate a reasonable level of fitness themselves; if they don’t even do what they’re telling you to do, you won’t find the motivation you need to keep healthy.

Something you may not think about when searching for a personal trainer is whether or not they have liability insurance. Most trainers who work in gyms will be covered by the gym, but freelancers will have to purchase their own. If you get injured as a result of training, you will be glad that your trainer has liability insurance to pay for any medical fees that arise as a result of your injury.

Spring Powered airsoft revolver from TDS sports

Airsoft revolvers are made to look like original revolvers! These replicas are made of robust unbreakable pieces; they shoot one shot at a turn and thus are the most durable. Moreover, there is no compelling reason to bother you with the gas canisters or batteries. Their fundamental usage initially was for recreational purpose. However, these days they have accommodated themselves to be utilized as a reliable training tool due to their secure and eco-friendly nature. The springs utilize the potential energy stored in it to successfully launch an airsoft pellet down the barrel. Over the years, this 6 inch barrel has remained one of the favorites and widely used spring powdered revolvers.

The Spring Powered Airsoft Revolver from TSD Sports is one of the most amazing replica revolvers with features like an original revolver.

Advantages of a spring powdered airsoft revolvers:

  • Can be shot in any circumstances without being dependent on any external wellspring source like batteries and gas
  • Spring powered Airsoft revolvers are less susceptible to water when compared to battery run guns
  • Due to lack of electrical components and mere simplicity, they are quite cheap and affordable than their electrical counterparts
  • They are more powerful than electric models and have the capacity to fire at a velocity of nearly 400-700 ft/s
  • They are resistant to cold when compared to gas and electrical guns.
  • They are promptly accessible in almost all retail shops and due to this availability and simplicity, spring powdered revolvers have a tendency to go about as “training revolvers” to bring new players to Airsoft amusement games.

Specifications of the spring powdered airsoft revolvers:

  • A six-inch barrel
  • Six shells
  • Six cartridges per cylinder
  • 8 single round shells magazine
  • Velocity- 260 feet/second
  • Single shot hammer and single round loading shells
  • A double action revolver whose hammer can be cocked back manually
  • Made of metal parts and provided with Antishock ABS
  • 1:1 real scale design
  • Spare shells: SD + MA937/8
  • Caliber: 6mm BBs or paintball

Manufacturer warranty:

The Airsoft revolver carries 30 days manufacture guarantee which is effective from the date of purchase.

Ultimate choice for airsoft game lovers – the airsoft revolvers:

The TSD sports spring powered Airsoft revolvers are one ultimate choice of any Airsoft game lover. Nearly all Airsoft lovers would have owned a spring powdered Airsoft revolver. Now, be it for any competitive value or replica intentions, these have been the foremost choice of the people all over the world engaged in this game. Built with heavy metal parts and offering an incredibly fast velocity, one cannot miss out this creation by TDS sports.

The revolver weighs just 1 pound and has a dimension of 15 x 3 x 11 inches. The shipping weight is 1.3 pounds and this product is currently available within U.S. Customers have given excellent reviews on this product and being provided at such an affordable rate, no Airsoft lover would want to miss out on this exciting offer. So hurry up and grab the 6 inch barrel airsoft revolver and enjoy the fun of airsoft games!

The Basics of Hunting

Some people thinks that hunting is an easy thing, only just picking a gun and going out toward the respective place. Anyone who hunts work prior, for these types of people hunting is considered as easy going, as the people have experienced it.

The Basics of Hunting

It is essentially needed by one to have a bow or gun in order to have hunt, but they needed to know what type of bow or gun is required? There are many varieties of bows or guns, are present in the market, one have to select the best suited gun depending on what one will going to hunting, like gun for hunting deer is differ from that of the gun used for hunting birds. Some general guns used for hunting are handguns, shotguns or rifles. If one used these guns then they required to pick some special bullets, specific caliber, and some other items. As hunting is not an easy task as the different people having many misconceptions regarding it.

Bows are also available in many varieties. Bows made up of many metal and present in many varieties. People may use traditional and compound bows. The people who are serious for hunting suggested selecting good quality bow.

One has to do some research regarding the place where you want to do hunting, make decision concerning what you want to hunt and regarding the best place for hunting as to the specific animal, which you like to hunt. Once decided the specific location, along with the good idea regarding the animal wanted to hunt, glance the hunting rules and laws of the area. As every state having their-own hunting rules and regulation.

Now one comes to know the place where they go to hunt, the weapon they use for hunting, decide what animal they wants to hunt. One is required to have some other resources and equipment. Like proper pants, boots, camouflage and some other clothing, which one thinks essentially to bought. Other than this, one is essential to carry medical kit containing basic tablets, anti-biotic cream, some food items and water as one is in need of these things in the wood or in any bad scenario. Try to avoid heavy packing, try to bring as light as you can carry while walk to the reach decided hunting area. Only bring the items that are essential.

It suggested not going alone to the hunting place. However, many people use to do this, as it is not good form the point of safety. Mentioned before, there are many chances that you may lose your way during hunting. In this situation, you need some once help both physically and mentally. It is very essential be along with someone when you are attacked by any animal. After doing perfect search related to the other subject, one is required to research other animals present within the particular area. These tips are vital in preparing your next hunting trip and help you in removing the obstacle that come before you in the prior hunting trips.

To gather some more valuable information one can click toward any hunting specialist, online guide or toward any other source that are available to them.

Choosing the Right Binoculars

Why use binoculars?

Binoculars are useful for different recreational activities such as boatingastronomynatureviewinghuntingsporting events, and hiking etc. One of the most popular among these is bird watching.Choosing the Right Binoculars

Can specific binoculars be used for another kind of activity? For instance, if I buy hunting binoculars, can I also use them for boating?

There are different kinds of binoculars available for specific purposes. For star gazing, boating and bird watching, you need more specialized types of binoculars to really enjoy the view. But for purposes of sightseeing or viewing sports events, buying an expensive binocular with specialized features isn’t a must.

What if I wear eye glasses? What features should I look for?

If you wear eye glasses and you don’t want to remove them while using your binoculars, then you should look for models with longer eye relief.  A longer eye relief means the eye is farther away from the eye piece, enabling a person to still have a larger field of view. When you use binoculars with long eye relief, you don’t have to hold the binoculars as close to the eye, so you will still be comfortable when you use them even with your glasses on.

What does “7×50” in lens magnification mean?

“7×50” in lens magnification means that it has a magnification of 7 times. This means it makes the object in focus appear 7 times closer. If you are watching a bird 70 feet away, you will see the bird as if it is only 10 feet away.

Do boating binoculars really need to be waterproof?

boating binoculars

Yes, a binocular for boating needs to be waterproof. Obviously, they need to be protected from elements like spray and rain. Certain conditions like damp marine environments and changes in temperature can also cause interior lenses of non-waterproof binoculars to fog. So, if you intend to use your binoculars out near the water or even in the rain, choose waterproof binoculars.

Does the color of fully multi-coated optics matter?

Generally, no, because most manufacturers have different coatings for their models which produce different color lenses. Some use purple while others use green, etc. But be conscious of lenses that are ruby colored as this can be a sign of low-grade optics.

Which is better for star gazing: hand held binoculars or mounted binoculars?

If you choose binoculars that you’ll hold, pick a lighter model. Even though they’ll have less magnification, they’ll have a larger field of view that lets you see a larger span of the sky.

Mounted binoculars (binoculars using a tripod) usually have larger objective lenses, which means they have greater magnification and weigh more. But, the tradeoff is a smaller field of view.

One advantage of mounted binoculars is that they provide greater image detail than hand-held binoculars that can wobbly while constantly trying to maintain focus on distant objects. So if you plan to spend long hours doing star gazing, then a mounted binocular is a better choice.

How important is the lens objective size?

The larger the objective size is, the heavier the optics will be. So consider first how you intend to use the binocular. If you’ll hold or carry them for several hours, then you should consider the added weight.

You should also consider the time of the day you will mostly use them. If you intend to use them mostly for low light viewing like dusk or dawn, then larger objective lenses will be more useful since they has higher light gathering ability.

What are the features that I should look for when choosing a hunting binocular?

Hunting is a rugged activity that puts demands on your equipment. One of the most important features that you should look for when buying a best hunting binoculars is that they should have a rubberized exterior. This feature will protect the binocular from damage if you drop them or they are otherwise knocked around during the course of your hunting activities.

What is the difference between roof prism and porro prism binoculars?

Porro prisms have a narrower eye-piece than the objective lens. This type of prism is the traditional design. The eye pieces are skewed to the barrels while in roof prism, the eye-pieces are aligned with the objective lenses which makes them more compact. Roof prism binoculars are usually more expensive too.

Is using zoom binoculars better than fixed binoculars when bird watching?

Though zoom binoculars can be a great to have, they can still have their downsides. Yes, you can easily scan any area, and then zoom in on an object to see more detail, which is how the zoom feature works. But this can result in darker, fuzzy and distorted images. You’ll also get a smaller field of view than normal. That’s why most birders prefer to use a fixed binocular.

How do I fix the focus of my binocular?

First, adjust the distance of the eye pieces to the same distance between your eyes. After this, use the central focus control to focus both lenses on an object. If your vision in each eye differs, then it’ll be necessary to make an additional correction with the diopter, if the binoculars have this feature.

Cover the right objective lens with your left hand. Be careful not to touch the glass. Then focus with the central focus control on an object some 80 – 100 meters distant until the image is sharp. Do the same with the left objective lens, but this time turn the individual diopter until the image is sharp.

If you are looking for the best binoculars for birding, visit http://huntingbinocularsguide.com/ for more information.