Finding the Right Fitness Trainer for You

Finding a fitness trainer can help you get the most of your work-out sessions. Not only will they be able to provide tips on correct form and which exercises you should be doing to reach your goals, but they will help to prevent you from injuring yourself and can provide a level of motivation that you wouldn’t get while exercising on your own. Finding the right fitness trainer for you can take a bit of shopping around.

Finding a fitness trainer
Many gyms offer access to their own personal trainers, but there are also many personal trainers who do freelance work – they may have a private gym for you to use, or they may be able to help you set up your own home gym. It’s important to find a personal trainer that clicks with your personality, and it’s also important to find one that’s well-educated and has a proper, reputable certification. There are around 500 groups in the United States that offer fitness trainer certification, some of which will certify fitness trainers without any sort of examination process.

You should make sure the fitness trainer has some degree of certification. There are no legal standards for certification of personal trainers – anyone is technically allowed to call themselves a personal trainer. Of the organizations who certify fitness trainers, NSCA and ACSM are usually considered the most reputable. They are the two oldest organizations who educate and certify personal trainers, and are often thought to have the most rigorous examination process.Fitness Trainer

ACSM trainers are a particularly good choice for people with joint problems, as a lot of their training focuses on a rehabilitative perspective, and they will know how to best work around your issues. Most fitness centers won’t hire anyone who doesn’t have some form of certification, so if you’re getting a personal trainer from your gym, you can be assured that they have some level of education in fitness training. A trainer who is well-educated will have a better understanding of how to work with your personal situation without over-training and possibly causing injury.

Another important factor is whether or not your personal trainer’s personality clicks with you. It’s important to have a personal trainer who will push you to work harder while still respecting you. If your trainer seems bored or disinterested, or reminds you more of a drill sergeant than a fitness trainer, you should find a new one. Your fitness trainer should also demonstrate a reasonable level of fitness themselves; if they don’t even do what they’re telling you to do, you won’t find the motivation you need to keep healthy.

Something you may not think about when searching for a personal trainer is whether or not they have liability insurance. Most trainers who work in gyms will be covered by the gym, but freelancers will have to purchase their own. If you get injured as a result of training, you will be glad that your trainer has liability insurance to pay for any medical fees that arise as a result of your injury.

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