What to Consider When Buying Your Luggage?

You want to pick the idyllic luggage possible, but wait, you realize there are a lot of options ranging from various styles, prices, materials, and colors. There is nothing more below par than the experience of buying cheap bags that doesn’t last long. If you’re having your luggage shipping from Japan to USA for your vacation, price shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind to mull over. Your luggage needs to be sturdy, within your means and most importantly comes with styles, such that you can find with Samsonite, American Tourister, NineWest, US traveler, and Rockland luggage.

Before settling on any touristic place to visit, you might want to check on the type of luggage you will be using. And check whether or not they are in a condition to accommodate all your items. I will highlight the importance of six things you should consider before making any purchase of new luggage bags.

Read Online Reviews

Before deciding on any luggage brand and models, I suggest you go over online reviews about a particular brand and model of luggage you want. This way you get to find the most crucial information you seek.

American Tourister is yet one of the best luggage brands; they come in lively colors for their lightweight luggage sets and are extremely trendy brands for travelers all over the world. US Traveler luggage is another very common brand and they are light in weight; they come in bright colors and also in whole set. Ninewest is a popular brand of luggage which is aesthetically nice and is easy to locate, even on a busy airport conveyor belt.

The Rockland luggage is another popular brand; it provides lightweight solutions with effervescent colors and eye catching designs. You get to match larger pieces of luggage should you want more. The Samsonite is a well-liked brand and you can find them on Amazon. This brand endows you with the best from deluxe carry on suitcase sets to supple duffle bags on rims. The Samsonite luggage is a well known and best seller brand. It supplies outstanding travel duffle bags and can accommodate you well at different check points. This is a well known piece of luggage and comes with warranty.

There are online reviews available for every brand and models of luggage, so whether or not you to take advantage of that are up to you.

Buy according to your needs

Buy any piece of luggage you desire according to your needs. Thus, this is one of most essential factors to bear in mind before stepping in any luggage showroom. The luggage you purchase must absolutely depend on the type of travel you’re seeking. For instance, there are those who travel with family for leisure and, then there are people who travel for business purposes.

The size and weight restrictions

In the last decade or so, the restrictions on the size and the weight of the passenger luggage have become more severe and strict. So, to avoid unnecessary charges, it is really crucial to keep the size and weight factors into consideration before buying or shipping your new piece of luggage. If you are moving from Japan to USA, I recommend using a reliable company, one with years of experience in the shipping/moving business.

Test the luggage bags

You want to thoroughly test the luggage bag; especially the wheels to make sure they can easily swivel before actually purchasing it. This will not only assist you in getting a travel feel of that piece of luggage you seek, but also it will enable you to somehow gain some kind of trust when it comes to the quality of the luggage.


Ask the sales person to provide a maneuverability test of the luggage you’re interested, to see whether or not the bag on wheels can easily rotate.

The Capacity

Last but not least, you want to consider the capacity of the luggage you want. The capacity of various bags, even of the same size, but different brands can be totally diverse. You want to carefully check the design of the luggage you’re seeking. For instance, a curved end, fake button or thick walls to cover up the structure will limit the storage capacity of your luggage.

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