I Like to Write is a MUST HAVE for the upcoming school year! Targeting reading levels of PreK-1st grade, the Aidey Comet book series is comical and entertaining for both the beginning reader AND the adult. Hear what others are saying about I Like to Write:

"Aidey Comet will capture your heart with his mischievous love of writing.  He is the epitome of every little boy, and as a parent you will be able to relate to his character.  Follow Aidey as he practices perfecting his love of writing."

"The illustrations in this book are brilliant and really bring this book to life. I must say Ms. Ruff did a fabulous job breathing life into Ms. Lamascola's character and together these two women have created an absolutely charming book that will be enjoyed by both parents and their children."

"I Like to Write, is a fun and simple story about a child's love of writing and how he uses many different media to share his ideas and thoughts with the world. Children between the ages of 4-8 will enjoy the 24 page story's easy to read style and delicious illustrations."

"Although I am sure his parents are not amused with his antics, it would be hard to be mad at a little boy like Aidey for very long.  His determination and excitement are refreshing, and the message of following your heart’s desire will surely catch on with your curious youngster also." 
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